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ANEE Picture Book Program

Who doesn’t love a picture book? Regardless of your age, we’re pretty sure that picture book is one of your all-time favorites! ANEE believes that reading together with children is one of the best ways to strengthen family bonds while cultivating young children’s imagination, creativity, and literacy skills.

Out of over1000 award-winning picture books, ANEE’s teachers pick the very best texts that act as windows into other cultures and mirrors enabling students to see themselves within the characters and context of the literature. This Picture Book Program is designed for young learners starting to develop their phonics, literacy, and social skills (kindergarten to grade 2). Through small-size group classes, teachers incorporate props, pictures, and sound to vividly present the stories. Young learners develop their summarizing, retelling, and critical thinking skills through guided practice.

Check out the following videos for snapshots of our classes.

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